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Toy Gun Android app on Google Play
Reviewers Choice. Toy Gun for Android

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The new Android game, 3D virtual shooting gallery. Through the display, by simply moving the phone or the tablet, you can aim and hit the virtual objects that move in 3D space.
Beware of the flying donuts!


Home page: Game 1 and Game 2 with maximum scores achieved
Exit button uscita and setup button   setup

View of screen of the game 1, with viewfinder mirino to frame the target, trigger button grilletto to fire,  pause button  pausa to stop flying objects and to observe the virtual space.


Other view of screen of the game 1


View of screen of the game 2


Other view of screen of the game 2

View of screen of the game 2 in pause:  with the play button play to resume the game, the indication of zoom  zoom forward and backward to zoom in the view (zoom and always active, even during the game), and the button to repositioning of the origin of the reference system offset 


View of the setup screen, to adjust the position of the trigger: right or left of the screen. The position is memorized.

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